Club Maith

Club Máith is an accreditation scheme from the Ulster Council that allows Clubs to benchmark themselves against best practice. In doing so it encourages them to aim for excellence in the core are of GAA club activity, namely: Governance; Duty of Care; Community Enhancement; Culture & Heritage; and Coaching & Games Development. Clubs are then given a level of accreditation which acts as a quality standard mark for them.

Buncrana GAA has already formally adopted a number of the codes related to developing best practice with a view to gaining accreditation. The codes that have been adopted can be viewed and downloaded below.

  1. Application Form for a new or renewing member of the club
  2. Code of Practice for Volunteers, Mentors and Trainers
  3. Code of Practice for Young Players
  4. Illegal Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
  5. Code of Practice for for Parents and Guardians
  6. Consent form for of child's photograph and confirmation of any medical conditions

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