Club Rules

The club has adopted a number of operational rules to ensure the smooth running of the club.These rules are proposed, debated and adopted by the club's Bord na nOg and Executive committees and are updated as necessary. The current rules in place are set out below:


1. County Tickets: Only current-year club members are eligible to to be considered for receiving  tickets for County or All-Ireland matches. All tickets must be paid for at time of ordering.

2. Committee Members, Managers, Coaches & Team Helpers: All players, coaches, managers, committee members must be current-year paid-up members

3. Players: No player may attend training or play a match unless they are registered with Croke Park and are current-year paid up members of the club

4. Challenge Matches: Permission must be received from Club Secretary in advance. It takes at least 3 days to receive permission for challenge matches within Donegal and 6 days for matches in other counties.

5. Underage Teams Manager Cooperation Guidelines: All managers and coaches must operate the guidelines relating to players eligible and selected to play in more than one team.

6. Player injuries and incidents: All injuries and incidents that occur at training and matches must be reported within one week

Mainly Financial

7. Expenditure: Nobody may incur expenditure or cost for the club without permission from Executive Committee

8. Player Training Contribution: Each player must pay for attendance at one training session per week, i.e., €2

9. Use of Buses: Each player must pay the agreed fare for the bus. The club does not pay towards buses taken in Inishowen or Derry City.

10. Buying Club Gear: Must be bought through the Club Shop

11. Sponsorship: permission must be granted by the Club's Fundraising Committee in advance

12. Organising a Fundraising: permission must be received in advance from the Club Fundraising Committee to hold a fundraiser.

13. Reimbursement for Physio: Permission must be received in advance from the player's manager to receive reimbursement of physio costs.

14. Attendance at Coaching Courses: Permission must be received in advance for attendance at coaching courses. Attendees must pay for the courses but it will be reimbursed by the club provided they have coached in the club for a period of 10 weeks aferwards

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