Terms of Use

This lotto is operated by Buncrana GAA club for the sole purpose of raising funds to help cover the costs of running the club. Buncrana GAA is a charity whose purpose is to promote the playing of our National Games. It has a permit from the courts to operate a lottery for this purpose.

Please note that It is illegal for persons under 18 to play the lotto and prizes cannot be claimed by persons under 18 years of age.

The club undertakes to carryout the lotto draw every week and to ensure that your entry is in the draw but retains the right to vary the day on which the draw actually takes place. It also reserves the right to change prizes - up or down -and to change the form of the draw (e.g., jackpot to 50/50 or vice-versa).

The decision of the Buncrana GAA Club Executive Committee is final.

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